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Monday, February 19, 2007

One more post, and update on Sarah and us

Here we are on the same trip last month. These pictures were taken at a place called Kanlidivane. There are lots of tombs there, and you can see us standing in front of the tomb of a wealthy person. The other two pictures are of carvings in the cliffs in that area. These ruins are from Roman times. There is a big gorge in Kanlidivane and the rocks are reddish--the legend is that the red color comes fromt he blood of animals the people used to sacrifice there.

After our hike, the kids (we were with our good friends the Browns) rode a camel around the parking lot.

By the way, we did not end up making our trip to the beach and to Konya this week. We thought about going to Hatay/Antioch, to the east, but ended up doign a couple of day trips instead. Saturday we went to a hilltop castle called Sis castle, and yesterday we went to some ruins called Heirapolis-Castabala, and then to a kilim coop in Karatepe. Of course we left with a few new pieces, but they are very small.

Other than that...life is pretty much normal. We're still waiting on orders which is fine, since I can handle all the PCS stuff after Martin leaves if necessary. Martin leaves for his TDY in two weeks, so we;re not too happy about that. Sarah turns three on March 11 but since Martin will miss this birthday and next, we are having her party on March 3rd. We are doing a Scooby Doo theme this year and our friend Fahri is making his famous Adana kebaps again.

Sarah is finally in a 3T but still in a size 7 shoe..she grows so slowly! She's been wearing the same shoes since August (which of course I am not complaining about). She is so precocious. We were picking Martin up from work one day about a month or two ago and it was time to leave, and shesaid "NO! I need to check dada's email!" I guess I'm on the computer too much...she always asks what time it is and this morning she said "dada, it's 7:30". As if she has somewhere to be. She also will come up to us and grab our cheeks and say "listen to me," or "I got an idea," or "I got a question for you." then we were hiking yesterday and she kept saying how she didn't want to walk, she was too tired, too cold, etc...then she said "Mama, I'm so nervous!" I have no idea where she learned nervous--she comes up with so many words I can't imagine her retaining--some of her recent ones are actually, wonderful, nervous, amazing. YEsterday she told Martin a plane was flying into space. Every day when Martin goes to work she asks him if he's going to Qatar, and she says we are going to Kentucky ("Tucky"). Martin taught her where Kentucky, Turkey and Qatar are on a world map, so she always asks to see it and point them out.


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