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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

No rest...

in our future. We leave in the morning for 19 days in Egypt--see below. THen we come ack, Martin works 1 day, and we leave the next day (thanksgiving) for Cappadocia. We'll be there through Sudnay of that weekend, then Tuesday we are going to Ephesus again to see the Pope, who is saying Mass here in Turkey (that one just came up today--and who could pass that up?). Needless to say we'll be resting for most of December:). But I am going to try to convince Martin to do a trip to Eastern Turkey for Christmas.
We still don't know where our next assignment will be and probably won't for a few months. For now I am just going to post one picture--Sarah with the huge cabbage we bought for 2 YTL ($1.33) from the side of the road on the way home from Cappadocia. We ate so much cabbage that week...
And, it won't let me upload it. So I'll have to do it when we get back.


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