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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Leaving for Egypt tomorrow

Here is our itinerary; I am posting it here because a lot of people have asked what we are seeing. It is a long trip, and this trip is our Christmas, birthday and anniversary gifts to each other(for the next 5years!?).
Nov 2--arrive airport at 3:30; tour Islamic Cairo and the bazaar.
Nov 3--8 AM departure for Farafra Oasis, by private car (already booked). 3 day jeep safari to White Desert.
Nov 4--3 day jeep safari to White desert
Nov 5--last day of jeep safari and overnight in Farafra (already booked--El Badawiya hotel).
Nov 6--back to Cairo, go to travel agency to get tickets for Nile Cruise and overnight train to Aswan, then on to bus station for overnight bus to Sharm
Nov 7--arrive Sharm, hotel already booked (shark's Bay). Beach day, leave at 2300 for Sinai trip (already booked through hotel).
Nov 8--return to Sharm, beach day
Nov 9--boat trip booked through hotel, leaves at 8 AM and returns at 4:30 PM. Then on to Cairo. Hotel in Cairo booked--Lotus
Nov 10--Saqqara--not booked yet
Nov 11--Giza; overnight train to Aswan (Already booked).
Nov 12--Aswan city; overnight at Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan.
Nov 13--Abu Simbel (also not booked yet). Overnight at Old Cataract.
Nov 14--board Presidential Nile Cruise at noon; Elephantine Island and Agha Khan Mausoleum
Nov 15--Nile cruise; high dam, Philae Temple, Kom Ombo, Sobek temple
Nov 16--Cruise--Horus temple, Edfu
Nov 17--Cruise--Luxor (Necropolis of Thebes, Hatshepsut, Valley of the Kings, Colossi of Memnon)
Nov 18--disembark cruise; see remaining sites on our own in Luxor. Overnight at al-Moudira hotel (already booked)
Nov 19--Luxor; transfer to Cairo preferably in the evening. Booked overnight at Windsor hotel
Nov 20--Egyptian Museum, overnight at Windsor
Nov 21--Fly out at 10:30 AM.


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