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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Some Ephesus pictures

These are two pictures from when Martin and I went to Ephesus in July. Sarah stayed at her Nanny's house. One is of the weird bathroom sign at the ruins, and the other is the two of us in front of the library of Celsus. It's very pretty.
It's been a while since I've posted but as most of you know Sarah and I were home in Kentucky for a month. We got back about three weeks ago but I've been busy volunteering, and planning our other trips. We went to Ankara and Cappadocia (again) last weekend. I'll try to post some pics from that soon. The big news is our trip to Egypt, which is less than three weeks away. We are very excited and Martin is looking forward ot some much-needed time off work. We will be there almost three weeks and then it's back to Cappadocia for another weekend (seriously, we never run out of stuff to do there) and maybe a trip to the Eastern part of Turkey before the year is over.


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