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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wow, time flies

Okay, so it's been three months since I updated. But here are the highlights:
--Egypt was fantastic. We took 2 gigs of pictures, and would have taken more if our camera didn't break halfway through the trip. I keep meaning to post the pics but time just gets away from me...
--We didn't see the Pope after all, but it worked out well because we were very tired after 3 weeks in Egypt. Maybe another time...
--Sarah turns three on March 11. Her dad will miss her birthday (see below), so we're going to have the party early hopefully.
--copied from an email I sent out yesterday, so some of oyu may have read it: we found out this week that Martin
was selected for a 365 day deployment to Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar.
He will leave in early March for a month of training, and then he will
come back to Incirlik for a few weeks before we all leave in April.
He reports to Qatar in early May. The assignment is not a surprise
(he volunteered for it) but the timing is--we weren't supposed to
leave here until August. The good news is that the Air Force is
moving Sarah and me back to the US so we will be going home to
Kentucky. Since we will be leaving in a matter of weeks instead of months, we have a lot of preparation to do in a short amount of time!

So, I'll update as I can...hopefully I will find time to put the Egypt pictures up soon.


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