Our Life in Germany

Pictures and stories from our life across the Atlantic ocean.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Enough pictures for today...

I have a feeling Cora's naptime is almost over. She has a new tooth so she's been a little higher maintenance than usual. Sarah is also developing a bit of an attitude, which we are trying to figure out how to deal with. If she is nice today then Martin will set up the tent outside so they can "camp." He has the day off tomorrow for our UAB delivery, which will be a nice break.
I got a kilogram of white asparagus at the market on Saturday....and am going to try to cook some tonight. I hope it turns out well--it's a very popular thing here in Germany but the season is almost over so it may be our last chance until next year.

A few from Belgium

We went to Brugges, Belgium a week and a half ago. Had a great time--but traveling with two kids is much much harder than it ever was with just one.

kids' rooms, view outside

upstairs, our bedroom and the bathroom

More house pictures--the kitchen

If only the girls can be quiet for a while.....I can finish this up today. :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

The basement

OK, so these may not be interesting to anyone but I wanted you to see the whole picture. :) First is the steps.... the downstairs pantry (it's more full now of course)
the weight room--Sarah calls it where Daddy works.
the laundry room and, bonus, another toilet. ;)
not sure why I uploaded two pictures of that toilet.

Our house :)

View from upstairs window, of the back yard The garden that Martin and Sarah are DYING to get to work on. We are going to buy plants tonight and they will start tomorrow. Our landlord is great--he has tilled it twice, cleared out a third area for us (I think we're going to put outdoor furniture there), and he brought over a bunch of furniture, then built a gate for the garden yesterday.
Dining/living room
Guest room
Guest room again (that door leads into the living room--it's the door behind the TV)


Sitting up!!
Watching the sunset....

Aparently botht he girls can crawl now....Cora is still working on it but she can definitely get where she wants to go!!

sarah and martin dancing

She was watching Enchanted and she wanted him to play her Prince.

Then she taught him to shake his booty. She is good at that.

Starting from the beginning....

Some pictures from billeting--Cora sitting, Cora standing (with help of course), the girls on Daddy

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

still waiting...

we are still waiting for "our" internet to work properly. i have to call the phone company back today and see if the problem is the service or the modem. belgium was great, but traveling with a baby and a preschooler is tough. :) martin is officially at work now so the days are lonely for me and the girls. cora is eating lots of food now--mostly yogurt and sweet potatoes--and some crackers and stuff too.
the number of pictures I have to post is growing by the minute....:)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Donnerstag ist Shcnitzeltag!

Thursday is officially schnitzel day in our house. :) We have a little restaurant in town, and last night Martin went there to get three take out schnitzels. On Thursdays they give coupons for your next visit when you buy schnitzels. He also went to the grocery store to get some wine (have I mentioned how glad I am that he's back??). It was very, very good...Sarah is becoming a big fan of schnitzel too, but we can't get her to say "Sehr gutt." She just says it in English. BTW I think I just set a new record for using the word "schnitzel" the most times in one paragraph.
It's feast or famine as usual, and the past few days have been feast:
unaccompanied baggaged is here
the van is here
Martin's commuting car is almost ready for transfer (we're buying it from another American on base)
We got our phone hooked up and the internet
and we are going to Belgium for the weekend. Martin is bugging me to get ready since he and the girls slept until 930 and we got a late start. So I'll write more later and one of these days I'll be able to put up pictures.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


We have moved into the new house....we still don't officially have phone or internet but thank God for unsecured wireless networks. My connection goes out quite a bit though so no pictures yet. :)
Turns out life is much more pleasant on the first floor...and when your windows don't face a major highway. So far everything is great. Sarah woke up this morning and said it was the best day ever. Of course she says that about 50% of the time but we think she really meant it today. She;s so happy that she can go outside whenever she wants (and so are we). She has a swingset in the backyard and a tricycle left by the last tenants.
We have German cable which has a few English channels, and we are going to the gartenmarkt to buy plants for the garden sometime this week.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

update tomorrow :)

I have a ton of pictures from the last few days and some stuff to say but it will have to wait for tomorrow as I am beat. :) It's on;y 1230 AM, I might get to sleep at a decent hour tonight!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Full of Sheeps

Sarah just told me I was full of sheeps.
I could hear her saying "full ofsh----," but couldn't make out the word. So I asked her to come in here and repeat it...and she said "MOm you're full of sheeps." I asked her who said that, thinking maybe it was one of the grandparents. She said "NO! You're full of SHEEPS." And opened her hand and showed me the gummy sheep the housekeeper had just given her--because every time she offers me candy I tell her I'm full (well, unless it's chocolate). At least she was kind of trying to share. ;)

Sunday, June 01, 2008

More house pics

Last ones for tonight...exterior of the house. :)

Going back to the house

It looks like we MAY be able to start moving some things into the house next weekend. :) THe people in there now will be gone by the 5th and we can take a look Friday and see if we want to wait for repairs/painting or just move in if there are no problems. So today we took another drive out to the village. HEre are some pictures along the way...they may seem monotonous but we never get tired of looking at the scenery.