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Friday, June 13, 2008

Donnerstag ist Shcnitzeltag!

Thursday is officially schnitzel day in our house. :) We have a little restaurant in town, and last night Martin went there to get three take out schnitzels. On Thursdays they give coupons for your next visit when you buy schnitzels. He also went to the grocery store to get some wine (have I mentioned how glad I am that he's back??). It was very, very good...Sarah is becoming a big fan of schnitzel too, but we can't get her to say "Sehr gutt." She just says it in English. BTW I think I just set a new record for using the word "schnitzel" the most times in one paragraph.
It's feast or famine as usual, and the past few days have been feast:
unaccompanied baggaged is here
the van is here
Martin's commuting car is almost ready for transfer (we're buying it from another American on base)
We got our phone hooked up and the internet
and we are going to Belgium for the weekend. Martin is bugging me to get ready since he and the girls slept until 930 and we got a late start. So I'll write more later and one of these days I'll be able to put up pictures.


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