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Friday, May 23, 2008

Last house pictures

The quick story onthe house: it was the only one we looked at. 160 sq m, which is about 1750 sf. I didn't want to look at it because it was "cheap" at 1190 Euro (a little under 2,000 a month--our allowance is 1330 Euro a month). 5 bedrooms, 1.75 baths, all German village. Exactly what we wanted. A garden for Martin, a big yard for Sarah and Cora, lots of seclusion for all of us. It has a basement and a huge attic for storage, and TONS more space than we have ever had. There is a German kidergarten just down the hill that Sarah should be able to attend next year, and hopefully Cora too, once she turns two.

living/dining room (ignore the pictures of other people's kids ;))

upsatirs bathroom
bad shot of one of the kids' rooms
the other bedroom upstairs

The hay field behind the house, another shot of the outside and 3 bad pictures of the kitchen (all these pics are kind of bad--not so easy to photograph a house right on top of it).

Scenery and house pictures

outside of the house
a bad shot of the garage. the arch over the tractor garage says 1871, so we assume it was built then

The view on the way to our new house

So we found a new house tonight. It's about a 30 minute drive from the base in a German village...which is exactly what we wanted. Here are some pictures from the drive (and one more of Sarah).

More eating pictures

Pics from billeting today

Sarah on googletalk with Grandma and grandpa
Cora tried bananas today....she liked them a little better than the avocadoes.

Sarah showing Cora how to eat

Thursday, May 22, 2008

last one for tonight...

I am ging to try to take pictures of all the interesting stuff that's part of our daily lives over here....here are today's. What we got fromt he commissary...

The dairy products here are the best....danish butter and eggs, german yogurt, and then of course the weird very generic milk we get. :) Not to mention the breads...we are trying to eat well so I didn't get too much bread but what I did get, I already ate. Whoops.

The fresh pasta and sauce are also sooo good. And the wine....of course....you can get a decent bottle for under $5 too, which is great for people like me.

Oh, and this is Sarah wearing one of Cora's fleece diaper soakers as underwear. She wanted to put it on and it fit. :)

Cora eats off the cado

We held off on solids until we got here...and tonight I bought Cora an avocado, and 4 kinds of baby food. We went with the avocado first. Sarah was so excited she had to have some off the cado for herself.

park, billeting pictures

Where we "live"

pictures from Germany/billeting

More party pictures. :)