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Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Quest for German Food

So Martin's promotion ceremony was at 130 PM. Afterwards we decided to go off base and find a nice German restaurant to have lunch in. We couldn't find the one we'd been to before so we found a biergarten and went there. We lugged the kids to the patio and sat down. I went to get menus....and the bartender told me the kitchen had closed at 2. So, we moved on. We finally found the restaurant we were looking for--and lugged the kids in THERE--and naturally it was closed too. SO, we went back to the base because Martin knew of a good german restaurant. Not exactly what I'd hoped for--I wanted something off base--but it was clear we weren't going ot find anything. We were all hot, tired, and starving by now. So we went to the restaurant....had to park across the street and a long way away....then as we were crossing the street Sarah was dawdling so I NUDGED the back of her head and she fell in the street. SHe freaked out, of course, andI had to carry her. She loves to tell people that I pushed her down in the road. Anyway, we got in, sat down, and the waiter came over and asked if we wanted drinks....because the kitchen was closed. Mother of ass. So we asked if there was anywhere in Germany that wasn;t closed between 2 and 5...and he suggested the Chinese buffet in the (American) community Center across the street. I was sick of trying so we finally broke down and tried it...got inside....it was closed for maintenance. So we just came back here and ate hummus and pita.
We decided to try to go out Saturday night for dinner....waited untila "decent" hour, 5:00. This time we were smarter. We found the same restaurant as the day before....but only Martin went in, to make sure they were open. Nope, they are closed on weekends. We found another restaurant, a "speisselokal" which I am probably misspelling...but it sounded like it would have well, local food. Went in....and there was food. Our first off-base food in Germany was here....

Yep, Turkish food. :-/ It was pretty good but we are still waiting for a schnitzel.

Sarah at the Turkish place before we got rained on. Today we went to McDonald's off base too, and had some "mini-schnitzels," but they just weren't the same. Maybe we'll try again tomorrow.


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