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Friday, January 20, 2006

Martin is gone

Martin left this morning for "the States." He is going to Florida for training for a week--to the Navarre Beach area. He left at 3 am. He has to take 4 flights to get there. Somehow this is his first TDY since he joined the Air Force. Sarah is coloring and watching Winnie the Pooh. She had a bad fall earlier this week off the porch. It's only one step but she landed on her huge head and he has a scab right between her nose and lip, and she had one for a few days on her forehead. She seems okay now. You can see it in the picture. And yes, the picture was taken in the carpet shop. Leave me alone:). We were not shopping for ourselves this time but for my sister. Last night the "dealer" had us and the rest of Martin's flight for dinner at the carpet shop. It was great--we had rice, sesame bread, cheese bread, salads, hummus, and we even had chicken tava...it was very well cooked though. Some of the restaurants here are not serving chicken anymore until this bird flu thing goes away...which maes eating off base tough because the only alternatives are lamb, or beef which is actually part or all lamb. But there is always eggplant.
Sarah can say "ekmek" now. It is Turkish for "bread." She also says "elma," which means "apple." She talks all the time now.


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